Treat Your Backyard To One Of Our Gazebo Kits

Your home, social and family life will enjoy the benefits of a gazebo.  Gazebo Kits are perfect for this. Shade from the sun, privacy and the perfect spot to read a book , sip a cold drink and enjoy the outdoor air.

Protection from  the sun on hot summer days, saving a social occasion from a thunderburst, or just  a place for the kids to hang out when you need some quiet time in the house, gazebo kits are the ideal addition. Gazebo Kits Versatility, value and designed for Australian conditions and lifestyle, gazebo kits are designed and built to last for years.

With their thatched roof and timeless styling, they are the  perfect solution to outdoor dining and offer a variety of choices for their uses, from a private reading nook, a casual bar area or just doing breakfast al fresco.  Make the most of your outdoor area with one of the many options available to give your backyard a makeover.  From a small shelter over a spa pool to an large outdoor table for lunchtime dining or a dinner party in the the evening air, gazebo kits offer a full range of affordable solutions to extending your living area.

Versatile and offering a range of architectural themes and sizes that will suit almost any backyard configuration or garden layout,  they can be adapted to suit a number of applications of landscape designs. In most cases, these gazebo kits may also be transferred to other locations in your garden should you wish to re-design your backyard.

There are many options when considering installing gazebo kits.  This website provides a wealth of information to assist you in your research and choice of gazebo kits.  Have fun…


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